A limp and intense Albert is off to the North East!

We are delighted to be have been invited to present Wild Laughter as part of the conference English: Shared Futures, which is set to take place at the Newcastle Civic Centre from 5-7 July 2017.

We have recently discovered from a series of fantastic reviews of the D’Oyly Carte No. 2 company’s national tour of Patience in 1883 that the North East is familiar stomping ground for Albert. Albert took the part of the fleshly poet Bunthorne, and the reviewer from the Sunderland Daily Echo praised his performance thus:

As the fleshly poet, Reginald Bunthorne, Mr. Albert James was as limp and intense as could well have been desired. The “Æsthetic Sham” was given with much humour, and for this he was encored.

How on earth can Nell match that!

Pic Paul Sharp/SHARPPIX
An apprehensive Elbert at Smock Alley


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