Greg Quiery’s ‘Vanished’: Poetry, Memory, and Loss

In just a few days, on Tuesday 26 October, we’ll be screening ‘2600’ at the Liverpool Irish Festival and discussing its aims and contexts, and the wider questions of history, memory, and commemoration it involves.

As we prepare for that online event, we wanted to share this special recording of the poet and historian Greg Quiery reading his wonderful poem ‘Vanished’, filmed on the day ‘2600’ was made. The poem was a key influence on our work.

Remember you can book for our LIF event, ‘Near this Place: Famine Lives and Afterlives in 2600’ here. Sidelong Glance co-director Eleanor Lybeck will join Greg, and Dr Niamh Ann Kelly from TU Dublin, for what promises to be a fascinating conversation.

And as well as that, next week also sees the launch of ‘eJoy of Cooking’, our third film, so be sure to keep watching all our spaces!


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