Performance log

JunctionWednesday 6 November 2013: The first ever performance of Wild Laughter is given as part of the monthly emerging talent showcase Views from the ‘Bridge at the Cambridge Junction. The piece runs to 10 minutes. (Photographs: Claire Haigh)

EF BoardroomMonday 5 May 2014: Sidelong Productions lead the Cambridge English Faculty’s Drama and Performance Graduate Seminar, performing Wild Laughter in the Faculty Boardroom. This is the first outing for Ellie’s costume: designed by Florence Hazard, the Pierrot suit is modelled on an image of Sarah Bernhardt. The script has doubled in length: the performance lasts 23 minutes and is followed by 40 minutes of Q&A.

IMG_1549Friday 31 October 2014: Albert makes a special appearance at the Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio on Hallowe’en night: Wild Laughter is staged as part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas 2014. New material is added to the script and a preamble is delivered by Rosie at the start of the performance, taking the running time to 38 minutes. There is a post-show discussion.

ProctorsTuesday 11 November 2014: An unforgettable showing of Wild Laughter at the Oxford Centre for Life-Writing, Wolfson College, Oxford. The clown is stricken with ‘flu, but is kept going by Proctor’s Pinelyptus Pastilles: as used by Lords, Ladies, Principal Public Speakers, Singers and Members of Parliament for over a hundred years for clarity of voice. The evening follows the same format as the Festival of Ideas showing. (Photographs: Santhy Balachandran)


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