Sidelong Glance has many people to thank for their generous support of Whose History?.

The project was funded by the University of Liverpool Beacon Fund, the Alumni & Friends Fund, the School of the Arts Small Research Development Initiative Fund, and the Institute of Irish Studies Blair Chair.

We are extremely grateful to all of those who kindly agreed to be interviewed during the production process. Without their trust and extraordinary contributions, Whose History? could not have happened.

While researching Whose History?, we received invaluable guidance from Dr Hannah Murray, Dr Lucienne Loh, Chris Williams, and Greg Quiery.

The wonderful soundtrack for the series and for each individual episode was masterminded by Dr Helen Thomas. The films have been transformed by the music of Xiaoxiao Hou, Tom Kimmance, Jennie Nolan, John Chandler, Mike Hogan, Mike Grisenthwaite, Megan Nolan, and Green Tangerines.

Eric Lybeck must be thanked for his camerawork and editing on eJoy of Cooking.

Costumes and props for Let Her Witness It were sourced from Amanda Thomas at Complete Costumes, Angels London, and Romlya Crafts.

We would like to recognise the support and interest of the Irish Consulate in Manchester and David Massey of the Merseyside Civic Society, and the hospitality of the Cambridge Pub during the making of 2600.

We would also like to acknowledge the administrative, facilities, and technical support we have received from countless people throughout the University of Liverpool, including Shuang Gao, Anna Tagliapietra, Teri Kennedy, David Summersgill, Vicky Elliot, Sheila Cavanagh, and Viola Segeroth.

We benefited significantly from our engagement with John Maguire and Mike Morris at the Liverpool Year of Writing.

Finally, Sidelong Glance would like to thank all their cast and crew for their outstanding work: Adrianna Edwards, Marvin Brown, Racheal Tse, Trev Neo, Sam Butterworth, Harriet Bell, Tim Thompson, Seamus Lavan, and Jenny Collins. We cannot wait for future opportunities to work with you.