About Sidelong Glance

Sidelong Glance is a production company directed by Rosie Lavan and Eleanor Lybeck. Founded in 2008, it is committed to delivering innovative performance through live theatre, documentary film and other forms.

Rosie Lavan, co-director

Rosie was born in Truro in 1984. She studied English at St Anne’s College, Oxford, and subsequently worked for two years at The Times. She has also worked for a London MEP, House of Lords Hansard, and as a freelance writer. She returned to Oxford for postgraduate study and completed her PhD on Seamus Heaney in 2014. She is now a lecturer in the School of English at Trinity College, Dublin.

Eleanor Lybeck, co-director

Nell JamesNell was born in Truro in 1987. She studied English at King’s College London before becoming a Fulbright scholar and moving to New York in 2010. After a year as a spokeswoman for the British Bankers’ Association, she completed her PhD, on the circus in Ireland, at the University of Cambridge in 2015. She now lectures in English at St Catherine’s College, Oxford. Nell is an actress and producer of theatre and film, and she has published both journalism and creative writing. @NellLybeck

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